Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Patriotism Then, Patriotism Now !

Patriotism Then...

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Above blog conversation joke inspired from South park :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rakhi ka swayamvar season 2

Rakhi`s marriage with the winner of the first season was a big failure. Rakhi was left lonely and heart broken.

NDTV imagine understands Rakhi`s feelings after all it is the sister channel of a news network which features Bharkha dutt ...and so they decided to arrange a season 2 of the widely popular show Rakhi ka swayamvar. However things in the show did`nt go as well as it was planned..

Here are the contestants....

1. Shiney Ahuja
Once known as a good parallel cinema actor. Now is in hiding because of 'allegedly' raping his maid.

2. Abhishek
No one is really aware of who he is or what he does or how he came on TV. All we know is that he is Rakhi`s Ex-Bf

3. Ravindra Jadeja :-
Cricketer,All-rounder,Single-handedly responsible for several defeats and yet somehow manages to sustain a position in the squad

4.Internet fraandshipper:-
He is the special contestant/wild card entry. He is just an ordinary guy who got selected as the fateful winner in a contest in NDTV imagine site.The fucker is so fucking addicted to the net that he won by a landslide. This guy won`t be appearing on TV but will be in home tweeting which would appear on TV LIVE.

5.Jules winnfield:-
Ex-gangster,Reformer,BADASS,character in Pulp Fiction.
[For those who don`t know him, check this video before you continue reading ]

Ravindra Jadeja is the bad fish in the Indian cricket team who is there in the name of an "all-rounder" when he can neither bat well nor bowl.Rakhi Sawant is a fuckin` drama-queen. Get rid of them,both of them..Only than India would prosper and the best way to get rid of them is to make them marry each other!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Agony of an average cinema goer

Just a small post this time :), might not be very funny so hope you don`t get disappointed

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Anjana Anjani

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chetan Bhagat discusses about his next book

After the success of his last novel "TWO STATES" Chetan Bhagat decides to write his next novel which will tackle on a different issue. He discusses about his next book with his team of co-writers . This is what happened during their discussion...
[Obama and Osama will be playing his co-writers]

Yes, Chetan is no genius in writing and no self respecting person would call his books ..literature.They are just ordinary,uninspiring stories inspired from his own life filled with his own sexual fantasies told in a straight forward manner with social prejudice and inter racial friends. He is India`s highest selling English writer only because of all the sexual references in his books and the fact that his books don`t cost more than 70 bucks.

The ridiculed character playing kareena`s fiancee in 3 idiots is an exact replica of Chetan Bhagat(education qualification,profession,whining nature) and that is the only reason why he whined about not getting proper credit in-spite of his name being mentioned in 3 idiots credits.

The scene about the ending of his 3rd book i have mentioned above is true and not made up. Yes, it is a book which probably has the most disastrous ending ever! Religious conflicts/revelation of a friend and your sister`s sexual affair and using cricket bat to save your life!

His second book is utterly pointless--> Getting a mindless call from GOD who comes as a beautiful Apsara in your train is heights of pathetic storyline. What was the point of this book? Shit happens,god calls and the end?

If you want to improve your English read O Henry`s works. And to all the introvert CB fans out there---> No! your love(sex)life will not be anything like how the love(sex) life of the hero in all CB books are and you study in an average engineering college not IIT . Stop masturbating by calling his books great. The most disastrous thing that Chetan ever inflicted to this earth is giving out bastard children which means giving way to more irritating pseudo-contemporary IIT based love story books like "ANYTHING FOR YOU MA`AM"

Chetan Bhagat is over rated, over hyped and those who rate his books great are those who have read only his books! Pe-fuckin-riod.

yes i have read every book of his from start to the end. Liked the first book to a small extent,hated the other three and hate those who call these books great.

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