Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Similarities between How I Met Your Mother and Friends !

I am a huge fan of both these shows and if I had to pick one I might go with HIMYM for the following three reasons 1)The repeated re-runs of Friends have become boring now 2)The unique non-chronological order story telling style of HIMYM and
3) wait for it....wait for it...Barney!

But there are so many similarities between the two shows that one might come to think that HIMYM is a rip-off of Friends!

Here is a bunch of similarities that i noticed while watching HIMYM:-

1) Characterization :- Ted(HIMYM) is a lot like Ross(F), both are hopelessly romantic. Barney(HIMYM) is the womanizer and a master of sarcastic one liners just like Joey and Chandler respectively. Lily(HIMYM) is a lot like Monica(F) and Robin(HIMYM) is a lot like Rachel(F).

2) Ted(HIMYM) has a spoiled sis(or at-least he thinks she is spoiled), same with Rachel(F).

3)Robin(HIMYM) gets a lucrative job offer but has to move to Japan , Rachel(F) gets a lucrative job offer in the end but has to move to Paris.

4)Couple dating:- Joey and his Australian girlfriend find Chandler and Monica too annoying, same happens between Barney-Robin and Marshall-Lily in season 5.

5)Both shows are primarily about a group of friends living in Manhattan,New York.

6)Robin`s rebound boyfriend Guyel(played by Enrique) is similar to Rachel`s Italian boyfriend.

7)Emily did`nt want Rachel to be around Ross , same way as Stella did`nt want Robin to be around Ted in the wedding.

8)Joey(when Chandler and Monica hook up) and Marshall(when Barney and Robin hook up) don`t want to hear any more secrets.

9)Janice ends up with a deaf husband. So does Ted`s annoying talkative ex girlfriend.

10)Both Ross and Ted buy a new car and show off.

11)Barney`s job is mysterious and unknown while Chandler`s job is forgettable too.

12)The Coffee show is to friends what the bar house is to HIMYM.

13)The episode where Ted moves out of he apartment is a rip-off of the episode where Rachel moves out of the apartment.

14) There is a similar episode in both the shows where each of them points out the others` faults and criticize each other.

15)Robin and Ted go on and off....just like Ross and Rachel.

16)Both Barney and Phoebe don`t know who their dad is. Both have been lied by their mother and grandmother respectively that some guy from TV is their dad.

17)The loving your best friend`s ex connection :- In HIMYM barney falls for Robin while in Friends Joey falls for Rachel.

18)Both Ross and Ted end up becoming professors and that`s not all...both end up dating one of their students(the latter ends up marrying his student)

So is How I Met Your Mother a rip-off of Friends?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The R Word

For those who aren`t aware what this post is about than go through Google on the "R-Word campaign" and also check out the controversies of Sarah Palin and Jenifer Aniston due to this word.

Now it is obvious that people have a lot of spare time in their lives,why else would there be such a hue and cry for banning the word "retarded" to the extent of calling it "The R-Word" as if it were some kind of Dark lord Voldemort or something.
Context is everything. Obviously if we`re using retards to describe normal people who act stupid once in a while is OK because they aren`t actually retarded.Nobody in their right mind would use the R-Word to describe or insult "one of these people".

Sane people never use the R-Word to insult a person with a mental abnormality and those who do must be punished for sure. However, sane people do use it to insult idiots who clearly have been gifted with everything yet persist behaving stupidly.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Switch off the God damn Television !

Let me get this straight...I hate television. I totally hate tv shows and this is quite a statement coming from a guy who used to be almost like a couch potato ten years ago. I am a typical 90`s kid and TV shows during the 90`s had a soul which is the one main thing that is missing in today`s TV shows. Probably an 80`s kid might be thinking the same about the shows aired during the 90`s,i do not know. But let`s face it, we can`t really blame those who create these bad shows. The one who needs to be blamed is the one who is holding the remote control. If he stops watching these non-sensical shows than probably the guys who are responsible would stop airing them. But nope he continues to watch and cheer whatever crap they air and hence this is the reason i hate TV viewers more than the TV shows.These TV shows are so mind numbing that they literally test your intelligence. Here`s presenting to you the top most annoying kinds of TV shows/viewers that i have seen in my life:-

1. Saas-bahu soaps:-
Of course you were expecting this category. These are those jobless house-wives(jobless because they don`t work outside and all house chores are handled by their servant maid) who spend the whole night from 7pm to 12 midnight watching melo-drama serials and also without fail watch the re-runs of the same episodes the next day afternoon. I mean do these dumb fucks really think that if Mihir died in last night`s episode there are chances of his death being just a false alarm in the re-run episode today noon? Why don`t you aunties just switch off the god damn tv and do any of the following things to pass your time:-

A. Fire your maid, get your fat ass up and start doing all the chores this you not only lose calories but also save money. And most importantly you can be almost sure that your husband will not do a "Shiney Ahujha" on you if there is no maid in the home.

B.If you are so fucking lazy to work than there is a better solution to pass away boredom. Have an affair. There are several sex starving 20 year old guys who will not think twice before sleeping with you as long as you still have the stuff. You will get plenty of satisfaction from them so shut the damn TV off.

2.Music Television:-
Dear MTv Addict youth,
No, watching MTv does not make you cool. No, those size zero non-curvy wanna-be model chicks in those supposed reality shows are not sexy.As the saying goes 'Only dogs go behind bones,real men prefer curves'.And if you are one of those who think that the TickR in the bottom of MTv is funny than you are a low life who needs to work on his humor.If you are addicted to those crap reality shows that MTv show and at the same time whine about how the saas bahu serials suck than please shut your god damn mouth and take a deep look at those crappy reality. They are nothing but glorified saas-bahu drama for the youth and when they say "f***" and it gets censored, I can almost hear some wanna-be cool dudes saying "oh god he just said the f word on,he must be god!" I am not even sure why they call it Music television. 80% of it is filled with reality shows,10% is filled with actors promoting their films,5% filled with actors reminding the viewers that they are watching MTv and that they should enjoy this fact(God!) Where is the god damn music? And the worst part is those VJ`s.
Saw a bearded VJ with all the stereo-type gay characteristics called Andy(if am not wrong) WTF was it? i am not even sure if he/she/it was a human being. Also came across another VJ called hoezayy(or something) now if this man can become a VJ than even Raju Srivastav can become one.

I am not really that fond of sports so forgive me if i hurt sentiments of any sports fan reading this blog post but i seriously hate it when sport fanatics hog the television for hours watching their favourite sport and at the same time give a second by second running commentary via twitter mobile. Some of these guys even buy a so-called-original jersey of their favourite team from Reebok spending 1000 bucks and wear it while watching the match giving a false sense of pride.They even give up their fashion sense for the sake of supporting their team,i mean what kinda dumbfuck would spend so much bucks buying a ugly yellow coloured t shirt of Chennai super kings which has "Indian cements" written on it?
They not only watch the complete match but also watch the pre and post match analysis hosted by none other than Charu Sharma and Mandira Bedi. If you think Mandira Bedi becoming a cricket-expert hit an all time low than let me tell you this, i once saw Cyrus Broacha showing off his cricket seriously,not kidding.

4.Laughter Show
Sadly this country is filled with people having really poor sense of humour and probably that`s what explains the success of laughter challenge shows.I have no clue why Archana Puran Singh and Navjot Singh laugh so much for jokes that are even more lamer than Santa-Banta jokes.And please for fuck`s sake and i cannot stress enough on the word fuck, these jokes aren`t even funny god damn it. Not even a bit funny,nope nothing nil.Trust me , spend time with me for half an hour and if i really like you i will tell you jokes that are kizillion times better than those made by Raju Srivastav. I am sure fans of such disgusting toilet humor shows are middle aged men who idolize Raju Srivastav....bastards.

5.Teenage candy floss shows
Am not sure where this fad started from. Probably its with "dill mill gaye".Imagine Karan Johar/Siddharth Malhotra/Punit Malhotra quitting films and directing TV shows, what do you get? You get all the shows that fall under this category.These are those shows targetting Indian teens by giving them a false sense of hope that there is a dream man waiting for them. He will be a good,flawless,charming man and will sweep them off their feet.All the shows under this category are so sugar coated that they have proven to be harmful for diabetic patients.The worst part is that most of the men in it have visible make-up on their face, Indian Edward Cullens indeed and oh don`t get me started on the god damn emotional bollywood songs they play in the background during emo moments.The success of "dill mill gaye" resulted in an outbreak of several bastard children(shows) with some of the most unintentional funny names like "love ne mila di jodi". To all the teenage girls out there, don`t you have something better to do in life than just watch these serials? Switch off the god damn Tv and do something fruitful like getting pregnant or something.

6.Talent hunt shows:-
India is a country filled with precious talents-True. But please guys(and by guys i mean celebrities who have failed in their careers and so have resorted to judging others talent even when they are not remotely connected to the field) stop making a mockery out of it. Giving pressure to poor 8 year old kids in winning competitions is so sad,i really pity these kids for losing their precious and beautiful childhood moments.And please for god`s sake tell me what is Sonali Bendre doing as a singing competition judge or for that matter Sajid khan as a talent show judge. All have sold their souls in the fight for Trp`s.Miss those times when reality shows were called music competition(Remember Antakshri with Anu Kapoor?)
More than the actual singing the show is more concerned with Himesh Reshammiya having a verbal war with Ismail Darbar.It`s funny how music talent shows have slowly shifted to the big bosses and the svayamvars.

7.News Channels:-
Everything that is needed to be said about present news channels can be summed up in one word...chutiya.

What the hell is wrong with cartoons these days? It is really sad that craps especially Japanese anime have taken over all the gems that used to be on air during the 90`s.Kids these days totally suck. By the way, South Park and simpsons don`t come under this category..they`re more than just mere "Cartoons". However 'Family Guy' definitely comes under this category.

9. Relationship based shows:-
A sub-category of the second type posted above. Ladies,Please don`t approach shows like emotional atyachaar. If your partner fails the test you will be a laughing stock in front of millions for being fooled by a guy and if he by chance passes the test than he is obviously going to get angry with you that you doubted him to the extent of almost making your relationship a national tamasha and he will break the relationship. Your relationship will be diminished regardless so do not approach such shows....idiots.I have nothing to say about "axe your ex".

Before anyone bashes me saying that i should`nt watch Tv if i hate it than trust me I hardly watch Tv.Infact i don`t even have a TV in the place where i live now.Just watch it at times when i am with family cause i cannot do anything else

Feels really nice to be blogging after more than two weeks. Have been travelling a lot recently so haven`t posted anything.Anyway enough about me,how have you all been?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Patriotism Then, Patriotism Now !

Patriotism Then...

Patriotism Now...



Social Networking :-

Conversation between two of my blog readers....

Above blog conversation joke inspired from South park :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rakhi ka swayamvar season 2

Rakhi`s marriage with the winner of the first season was a big failure. Rakhi was left lonely and heart broken.

NDTV imagine understands Rakhi`s feelings after all it is the sister channel of a news network which features Bharkha dutt ...and so they decided to arrange a season 2 of the widely popular show Rakhi ka swayamvar. However things in the show did`nt go as well as it was planned..

Here are the contestants....

1. Shiney Ahuja
Once known as a good parallel cinema actor. Now is in hiding because of 'allegedly' raping his maid.

2. Abhishek
No one is really aware of who he is or what he does or how he came on TV. All we know is that he is Rakhi`s Ex-Bf

3. Ravindra Jadeja :-
Cricketer,All-rounder,Single-handedly responsible for several defeats and yet somehow manages to sustain a position in the squad

4.Internet fraandshipper:-
He is the special contestant/wild card entry. He is just an ordinary guy who got selected as the fateful winner in a contest in NDTV imagine site.The fucker is so fucking addicted to the net that he won by a landslide. This guy won`t be appearing on TV but will be in home tweeting which would appear on TV LIVE.

5.Jules winnfield:-
Ex-gangster,Reformer,BADASS,character in Pulp Fiction.
[For those who don`t know him, check this video before you continue reading ]

Ravindra Jadeja is the bad fish in the Indian cricket team who is there in the name of an "all-rounder" when he can neither bat well nor bowl.Rakhi Sawant is a fuckin` drama-queen. Get rid of them,both of them..Only than India would prosper and the best way to get rid of them is to make them marry each other!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Agony of an average cinema goer

Just a small post this time :), might not be very funny so hope you don`t get disappointed

And now link of the promo which is the inspiration behind this post

Anjana Anjani