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7 Pixar classic movies that are completely ripoffs

Pixar is unarguably considered as the best animation stupid since invention of animation. Almost all of their films are huge successes both critically and commercially. Most of Pixar fanboys even claim that the films coming out of pixar are original. Well are they? Let`s find out...

1. UP

The scene where the angry gay(it`s played by Christopher Plummer so duh) old man from UP flies off along with his home towards the sky is arguably the best scene of the film and also the turning point of the film. The way the entire scene is written and when the house goes "up" leaves the viewer shocked in a very good way. It has to be one of the best original scenes written in recent cinema history,right?


"Above then beyond" is a short film from France. No more words needed, just watch the video below. Even some of the shots are similar. However the poignant ending of this short film makes it quite realistic,sad,tragic and overall much more superior and artistic when compared to the ripped off scene in UP. It would have been depressing and classy if the makers of UP had used this ending in their film.However they did`nt (probably for business reasons..who the hell would pay to watch a tragic animated film?) and instead made up a whole new commercial film based on this video.

2. The Incredibles

Incredibles has garnered huge critical acclaim ever since its release. It is rated 8 in IMDB and is in the top 250 top movies ranking. It has scored 97% in rotten tomatoes.It has won the oscar for the ebst animated film and also was nominated for an original screenpaly oscar. Must be an original gem,right?


The entire outline of incredibles is heavily ripped off from the popular marvel comic FANTASTIC FOUR(and not just the fact that both are about a family of superheroes)
Just have a look at the characters..

Mr Fantastic the authoritative figure of the group can stretch,re-shape,bend,twist his body to whatever shape he wants.

Same as Elasti girl who can also stretch,bend,re-shape herself and is the authoritative figure of the group.

Invisible Woman has the ability to manipulate light to render herself invisible to others.As per wiki,She later develops the ability to generate force fields which she uses for variety of effects.

Same as Violet of Incredibles who can instantly turn invisible and as per wiki has the ability to generate "spherical force fields".

The Thing which looks like what would happen if the hulk was addicted to fanta has super human strength and is also filled with self pity and self loathing over his existence.oh and he is also the most loyal member of the group

Just like Mr Incredible who has super human strength and also found forced retirement difficult to handle.

Johnny Storm the coolest member of the group has the ability to project fire from his body and in his earlier days used to be a affectionately obnoxious and a rebellious brash.

Just like Jack-Jack the youngest child who has shown instances of having the fire power and Dash who is a super-brat and can run really fast.

Apparently the makers of fantastic four-the movie were forced to make script changes because of the resemblance with incredibles that released a year earlier.


Finding Nemo is another pixar oscar winning classic. Finding Nemo is rated 8.1 in Imdb and has a 98% rating in rotten tomatoes. Easily one of the most loved and cherished animated films of our time and plus it also got a nomination for original screenplay in the oscars.This can`t possibly be a rip off,right?


The name of the book is "Pierrot Le Poisson Clown" written by writer Franck Le Calvez.Pierrot lives in a pink sea anemone and starts life half-orphaned because one parent was swallowed up by Liona, the scorpion fish. Pierrot the fish had to take an epic journey in order to reunite with his mother in the end.

Just like Nemo who lives in a pink sea anemone,his siblings die thanks to a shark. He himself than gets lost. HIS DAD was the one who had to take an "epic" journey in order to re-unite with Nemo in the end.Incidentally the protagonist fish of the movie and the book is a CLOWN FISH.

The writer of the book Franck Le Calvez had filed a case against the makers of Finding Nemo but apparently lost it because of some evil souls in the company who used their power.


Reader-"I am sure that you will just randomly chose some film which is about cars and racing. Find two-three similarities which exists in preety much every car related film and will claim cars to not be original when infact it is original and won two oscars apart from starring the cute Owen Wilson. Right?"


Doc Hollywood is a 20 year old comedy about a guy named Dr Benjami(michael fox) who is a "hotshot" young doctor who longs to leave the position of an emergency room doctor and so leaves his chance at more money as a cosmetic surgeon in L.A. Dr Ben sets off on a cross country drive to California where his trip is ruined as he crashes on a fence. Judge sentences hi, to communal service as a local doctor.He is upset in the beginning but as days go by he forms a bond with the localites there and slowly realizes the pleasure of small town life. Ben meets a local girl and falls in love with heras they travel together across town. Soon Ben finishes his service..becomes more matured and is torn with the decision to stay there or go back to california. While in Calfornia he greatly misses the local town and finally decides to go back to enjoy the simple life there.

Do I need to say what is the similarity between the above plot and the movie cars? If you have seen Cars you would realize that the above plot is EXACTLY the same in Cars. For those who have`nt seen Cars, they can go through the plot of Cars here .

Being the cheeky bastards they are,they even had the nerve to actually call Paul Newman`s character in Cars as "Doc". Also the character Mater from cars is a xerox copy version of Melvin the mechanic from doc hollywood.

5,6,7) Toy Story series

Toy story series is by far the most acclaimed animated movie series in history. Recently Toy Story 3 went on to collect among the 5 highest grossing films in history. All three films feature in IMDb top 250 and it is among the most loved movie series of all time. Don`t you dare call this too a rip-off you douchebag.

Well all three are HIGHLY INSPIRED from old animated films

Toy Story 1- The Christmas Toy

"When no people are around, the toys still play in the playroom. But since a toy will be frozen forever if a person catches it out of position, they have to be very careful. It's Christmas Eve, and Rugby the Tiger remembers how he was the Christmas Toy last year, and thinks he's going to be unwrapped again. And it's up to Apple the Doll, whom Rugby supplanted as favorite toy, to tell him what's in store. But Rugby won't believe her, and tries to get into the Christmas package and lets Meteora, Queen of the Asteroids loose. Unfortunately, she doesn't know she's a toy, and thinks she's landed among aliens. And it's up to Apple, Mew (the Cat's toy mouse), and the other toys to get Rugby out of the box and Meteora back in it before they're found and frozen."

Toys who become alive when no humans are around? Gift containing a new toy? Old favourite toy gets jealous? Deluded new toy who thinks he is in outer space and doesnt realize he is just a mere toy??? HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE TOY STORY OF THE 80`S.

Toy Story 2 - Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird

"Big Bird is the central character in this film. Miss Finch, a social worker, upon seeing that he doesn't live with other birds, sets him up to be adopted by a Dodo family. Unfortunately, he is not happy in his new surroundings and, trying to get back to Sesame Street, runs away from there. On the way, he encounters adventure with all kinds of people, and discovers where he really wants to be: his true home-Sesame Street. "

Not a direct rip-off but inspiration for Toy Story-2.

Toy Story 3 - The Brave Little Toaster

From IMDb "When a young boy and his family go on holiday, their household appliances, led by the toaster, think they've been abandoned. They decide, rather than be left alone in the house for who knows how long, to try to find him. So begins a dangerous and amusing venture through the city and countryside."

This is a film about a group of appliances who live to please their owner and also are secretly alive just like the characters in Toy Story. The groups from both the films believe that they have outlived their usefulness and are now useless for their owner.Both the groups decide to take a "epic" journey filled with adventure and comical situations and in the end they both realize that....they were`nt worthless to the master after all.

There is a similar scene in both the films where a character saves the protagonist miraculously from danger(toaster in brave little toaster and claw aliens in toy story 3). But than this is a Disney production so technically it isn`t a ripoff.

Apart from these there are some more accusations of pixar ripping off other film like the connection between woody allen`s ANTZ and pixar`s a bug`z life and and an old film called short circuit having similarities with wall-e and the plot similarities between Little monsters and monsters inc. But all of them look like mere co incidences so haven`t included them here.


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