Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nobody panics when things go according to plans

You know what i noticed.Nobody panics when things go "according to plan".Even if the plan is horrifying.In the civil war going on since last year in Syria, many civilians lost their life.People were being killed on streets.
Believe it or not more than 20,000 people died in the civil war.There were about 400 children who were sent to prison and were tortured there.

Nobody panics.Most don`t even bother to look about it in the news.Because its all part of the plan.

But if a mere dozen moviegoers from colarado get shot then everyone starts losing their mind.

So what possible logical reason could it be that we are shaken by the Colorado shooting but don`t give a shit about the massive Syrian civil war victims?
Answer is that we assume that such things can happen only in a country like Syria and that can never happen to us. But if 12 people get shot in a fun place like a cinema theater then we panic. We panic and start to assume that "this could happen to us too". So we are not really sad for those 12 people who got shot in colarado. We are worried about it because that could have happen to us while we were going to a theater too.
Ultimately we are all self-centered douchebags.

The Joker claps at our society`s hypocrisy.


  1. Ultimately we are all self-centered douchebags.+1

  2. Empathy is dying, I thought everyone knew that? But it's not only people here, it's all over the world.
    After a period of time, our body and minds adapt to violence so well that random acts don't affect us anymore.
    Moreover in India, there are too many things going wrong, all at once, that people do not really get the time to feel for every single thing.
    The bridge collapsed, 61 people died in Himachal, back-to-back earthquakes in Iran, Pakistan open fired, communal riots. Sigh
    Too many things, too little time.
    But don't generalize everyone that way. :]

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

  3. thnkss for commenting
    maybe the post was too cynical so lemme put it softly..if u go to ur mom and say syria civil war going much seconds will she be worried?she may not even ask questions like y r ppl revolting or who the dictator is
    but go to her and say mumbai local train accident and 100 ppl died..she wud dfntly panic and ask all sorts of possible questions
    even though logically a man shud feel muchhh more devastated about the murder of 200000 ppl than the accident of 100
    so if v zoom out and see this objectively dsnt this basically show that v r all self centered
    i think this is the truth about humanity in general..dnt feel its wrong to generalize