Saturday, September 1, 2012

Top 15 best Hollywood movie teaser trailers

I believe that making a great teaser or trailer for a movie is an art in itself. Because it has the power to make a stupid film look awesome and an awesome film look stupid. There are many outrageously bad trailers of movies like godfather 2 which just goes ahead and ruins the entire goddamn film. No seriously, it was like the guy was searching out for all the possible spoilers in the film to spoil it for all of us. And then there are great teaser/trailers like...

15. Inception

The world was curious as to what Nolan had up his sleeve after the highly acclaimed Dark Knight. A spinning top..goosebump inducing music..tilting glass of water..a great tagline..joseph gordan levitt fighting in some kind of anti-gravity hallway..and the title "INCEPTION".Gives us not a clue about the plot and yet very few teasers in recent past created so much excitement without giving away anything.

14. Austin Powers and the spy who shagged me

During the summer of 1999 the most hyped and the most talked about movie by far was the star wars prequel. Star wars had a huge huge fanbase and no one cared about any of the other summer releases in 1999. So in such conditions what do the makers of this austin powers film do? Well..they come out with this trailer.

13.Terminator 2

Previously films used to have new footage that were shot specially for teasers and trailers. Sadly this is a dying art. Check out the teaser for terminator 2 which showed us how terminators are made.

12. Superman Returns 

Marlon Brando`s narration..brandon routh..the brilliant background music..this just could`nt get better. Sorry Zack Snyder, but your superman teasers are no match to this one.

11. Jurassic Park

For the first time, man and dinosaur shared the earth. And this happened at a place called...

10. Social Network

This is one of those teasers you would probably like more after you saw the movie.This teaser basically says the entire story of the movie in facebook format(and yet this doesn`t seem spoilerish at all) and ends with the best dialogue in the whole film.

9. Miracle on 34`th street

Extremely innovative especially considering that they thought of this in the 1940s.It takes place outside the world of the movie and into the production studio with a funny ironic end.One of those trailers that`s a short film in itself.

8. Cloverfield

Oh look its some kinda handheld camera shot scene of some party...oh wait looks like there`s some kind of danger happenning in the it an alien attack? HOLLYYYYYY FUCKKKK IS THAT THE STATUE OF LIBERTY?!

7. Minus Man

You probably haven`t seen this movie. Hell you probably wouldn`t have even heard of this movie.But this trailer has to be the most innovative trailer ever made!
It involves people who have nothing to do with the film. These are two audience members who just came out out of the screening of this film and can`t stop talking about it.What starts out in a breezy fashion ends with a dark note. Must watch.

6. Comedian

Comedian is a little known documentry by Jerry Seinfeld. Just watch this unique gem of a teaser. "No i like it in here" sheer genius i tell you.

5. A Clockwork Orange

Bizaare..just like Kubrick himself.

4. Dr.Strangelove or How i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Let`s be frank here..some of Kubrick`s film trailers alone are better than most modern films.

3. Alien

Creepy eerie music..visuals of outer space(quite an offbeat setting for a horror flick)..more creepy visuals..ending with what i consider the best tagline for a movie in hollywood history. Perfectamundo.

2. The Shining

It is quite shocking to see how so much impact can be achieved with just one setting.OK fine, no more kubrick films in this list.

1. The Exorcist

Probably no movie trailer in the history of hollywood ever created such a huge impact as much as this one. When this was screened in the previews in movie theatres during the 70s people were scared out of their wits.Alot of people just ran away through the exit after seeing the scary black and white visuals here.Many theatres ended up baning this trailer as it was too frightening.

Honorable mentions :-

1. UP

Simple and effective. Makes you hungry for more. One of the few teasers in cinema history that makes you go "WTF?"

2. Cloud Atlas

Because if at all a trailer in this world deserves the word "epic"`s this one.

3. The Dark Knight

A logo of batman..background of some of the best dialogues from the movie that explain the basic theme of this film..batman logo disappears and we get a glimpse of the joker card.


Not a teaser nor a trailer, just a movie promo video. But quite a unique and hilarious one