Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Similarities between How I Met Your Mother and Friends !

I am a huge fan of both these shows and if I had to pick one I might go with HIMYM for the following three reasons 1)The repeated re-runs of Friends have become boring now 2)The unique non-chronological order story telling style of HIMYM and
3) wait for it....wait for it...Barney!

But there are so many similarities between the two shows that one might come to think that HIMYM is a rip-off of Friends!

Here is a bunch of similarities that i noticed while watching HIMYM:-

1) Characterization :- Ted(HIMYM) is a lot like Ross(F), both are hopelessly romantic. Barney(HIMYM) is the womanizer and a master of sarcastic one liners just like Joey and Chandler respectively. Lily(HIMYM) is a lot like Monica(F) and Robin(HIMYM) is a lot like Rachel(F).

2) Ted(HIMYM) has a spoiled sis(or at-least he thinks she is spoiled), same with Rachel(F).

3)Robin(HIMYM) gets a lucrative job offer but has to move to Japan , Rachel(F) gets a lucrative job offer in the end but has to move to Paris.

4)Couple dating:- Joey and his Australian girlfriend find Chandler and Monica too annoying, same happens between Barney-Robin and Marshall-Lily in season 5.

5)Both shows are primarily about a group of friends living in Manhattan,New York.

6)Robin`s rebound boyfriend Guyel(played by Enrique) is similar to Rachel`s Italian boyfriend.

7)Emily did`nt want Rachel to be around Ross , same way as Stella did`nt want Robin to be around Ted in the wedding.

8)Joey(when Chandler and Monica hook up) and Marshall(when Barney and Robin hook up) don`t want to hear any more secrets.

9)Janice ends up with a deaf husband. So does Ted`s annoying talkative ex girlfriend.

10)Both Ross and Ted buy a new car and show off.

11)Barney`s job is mysterious and unknown while Chandler`s job is forgettable too.

12)The Coffee show is to friends what the bar house is to HIMYM.

13)The episode where Ted moves out of he apartment is a rip-off of the episode where Rachel moves out of the apartment.

14) There is a similar episode in both the shows where each of them points out the others` faults and criticize each other.

15)Robin and Ted go on and off....just like Ross and Rachel.

16)Both Barney and Phoebe don`t know who their dad is. Both have been lied by their mother and grandmother respectively that some guy from TV is their dad.

17)The loving your best friend`s ex connection :- In HIMYM barney falls for Robin while in Friends Joey falls for Rachel.

18)Both Ross and Ted end up becoming professors and that`s not all...both end up dating one of their students(the latter ends up marrying his student)

So is How I Met Your Mother a rip-off of Friends?